Writing is Actually Great Tool.

Writing is Actually a Great Tool
Writing is perhaps one of the most underutilized form of communication. I’m not referring to the instant messaging systems that Facebook, twitter, and etc, use. I am referring to composing a piece of writing that has deep and detailed meaning. Instead, this is substituted by long distant forms of communication that lacks depth and sincerity. Instead of having quick phone calls or messages, opening a letter or writing can probably provide the person with the largest emotional response. Why is it that someone would prefer a written piece vs. something that is said. Here is the reasoning that I have came up with. What does everyone say that they need more of…. Besides money, the clear answer is time. Today life is so fast paced that everyone is in a hurry for something. These things can range from getting home to watch your favorite television show, to getting to the doctor’s to make your appointment. Because we value our time, we can see how important it is to everyone else. It literally takes a couple seconds to talk to someone to exchange ideas, but when you methodically write these ideas, the words written have profoundly more of an impact. Many times the emotional response generated is multiple times stronger than it would have been if those exact words were just said out right.

So with all this power why is it a dying form of exchanging ideas. I actually think that this reason can be linked to our success of the advancement of technology. Everything is get now, or get quick results fast. Our consciousness has been reprogrammed to take the fastest route possible, even if it may not be the best. Although sometimes, speed is important, it is shouldn’t be a necessity in every situation… To bring this all together, writing can be very methodical and downright tedious. But our minds have been trained to be a paradox in itself. We want the quick methods, but we appreciate when someone else takes their time to accomplish a thoughtful action for us. Maybe that makes us selfish as human beings….

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t write everything. Writing is a great tool, but it is also a very time consuming tool. But nonetheless, it is a tool, and like any other tool, it should be used when the situation presents itself…. I’m sure that you don’t use a Phillips head screwdriver for a screw that has a flat. Just be aware of this tool and have the proper skills to use it so that your message will be shared as well as possible…

Using Creative Writing


Writing has been a problem for many people from a long time. Actually, it probably started in High School when students first began writing essays. Usually these essays were based on long outdated novels or expressing one’s feelings about a particular event or object. Writers were forced to narrow their scope and maintain a certain structure, or flow, so their writings were systematic and had a natural flow. So, after a piece of writing or essay was completed, every piece of the writing was scrutinized: grammar, punctuation, structure flow, etc. It is my belief at this time the “why” for students was substituted by the how. The “why” for the students at early ages is probably the most important reason that a student will “willingly” continue to practice to become better writers?


Instead of the emphasis for writing to be a tool, it was turned into a boring chore, which ultimately people shied away from but why. But, why, if teachers and other practitioners of writing knew of its importance was it not reinforced. Couldn’t your teacher use the creativity that they practice in their writings to condense and put into a “palatable” form for potential future writers?


This question is beyond the scope of this topic, so we will have to tackle the why of that some other time. Literally, everything that you see visually that encompasses reading: books, catalogs, instruction manuals, etc. contain the same principles that you were taught growing up. Do you want to get a job, even resumes have to contain some sort of essay structure that had to be followed. I had to help some someone with a resume for …… a appliance Repair shop. Later, that same person, after receiving the job needed some more writing support. Their responsibilities became writing out the preventative maintenance tips for the owner of the shop. (appliance repair columbia)


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